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Data drives the future at Knox Machinery

Conversational programming and machine simulation lead controls innovations

By Mike Bacidore, editor in chief

Mar 14, 2022

data drives future at knox machinery hero

What have been the biggest improvements to machine-controls technology in the past five years?

Andy Watkins, sales application engineer, Knox Machinery: Some of the biggest machine controls improvements have been in the ability to import CAD files directly into the control and create a conversational program from the CAD file. This reduces the human error factor and makes writing a program simple and fast. This feature, on the machines that provide it, can write dozens of lines of code in seconds and still be correct to the model. Additionally, very complicated geometry can be created with a few clicks by less-experienced operators, which has the added benefit of relieving the workload off of programmers and engineers.

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Think like a machinist

Conversational programming streamlines and simplifies machining parts

By Andy Watkins and Samuel Patterson, Knox Machinery

Feb 07, 2022

Think like a machinist hero

For more than half of the workpieces that shops machine, conversational programming not only streamlines and simplifies the transition from print to part, it makes that process accessible to an entirely new population of operators with less-than-expert levels of knowledge.

Because of the scarcity of skilled programmers and machinists, shops need every advantage that can help them to produce parts quickly and efficiently, to minimize programming needs and to avoid damaging crashes

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