Problem Solving Tools

How Hoshin Kanri Helps Your Team

How Hoshin Kanri helps your team of experts uncover surprising breakthroughs and solutions for your business.

Let’s discuss three simple yet powerful tools of Hoshin Kanri. The Affinity Diagram, The Interrelational Digraph, and The Nominal Group Technique.

Utilizing each tool in succession will produce Ahh-ha! moments that each member of the team will have ownership of and will produce the energy necessary for your team to carry out the needed changes you are seeking and hoping for.

Maybe you are wondering “Who is this team of experts?” They are the folks who work and deal with the problem at hand every day. They could be senior management or machine operators. Each person on your team is a subject matter expert regarding the problems they face.

How then, you ask, do we gather, group, and organize their ideas so we can better understand what they already know?

Our next post will cover how to use the Affinity Diagram to create these Ahh-ha! moments.

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