Failing Forward

Is it impossible to be grateful that you “failed”?

What is often termed as failure can turn into your greatest lesson and success.

The only true failure is giving up on yourself.

If you failed at something new remember that you did actually TRY! That is more than many will do. You at least believed in yourself or your idea enough to put the effort into it.

OK, so it didn’t work out. Now what? Whatever you do don’t give up. Sure, change course, get in another boat, try a new path, or fall back and recoup while you work out why things went wrong for you, but do not quit.

The lessons we learn from these “failures” of ours aren’t to punish us but to help us learn and improve.

Think about this. What if you were an automatic success in every venture you tried? What kind of resilience do you think that you would have? How well would you be able to withstand tough times when they showed up?

If nothing else you have learned how to push through the hard days. How to believe in yourself and how to pick your self up and keep moving.

So yes I believe that you can be grateful for your failures because of the value of what you learn. Somethings will never be learned any other way.

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