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Creating Ahh-ha! moments in business solutions. (Part 2)

We have covered some of the Hoshin Kanri tools that you can use to create breakthroughs for the most stubborn issues. Our last three posts covered the intro to Hoshin, using the Affinity Diagram(AD), and the Interrelation Digraph.

So then how do we get group consensus to focus on the key actions that we have discussed?

Enter the Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

On a new sticky note have each member of the group silently rank the 5 header cards from the IRD and the AD in order of importance from 1-5 with 5 being the most critical. Pass the notes to the facilitator who will then fill in a chart with the numerical rankings and names of the people in the group along the Y axis and the 5 header cards from the AD along the upper X axis. Fill in the chart so that each header card’s ranking can be added up in a column. Now put the totaled sum of the rankings in a box below the column. You will now have a ranking in order of highest to lowest priority of the issues that have been discussed in the last two exercises. Focus your actions on the highest rated issue and you will have change and progress like you have never seen before. #progress #breakthroughs #leantransformation #continuousimprovement #operationalexcellence #leanmanufacturing

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