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Creating Ahh-ha! moments for business solutions. (Part 4)

In the last few posts we covered some of the basic tools of Hoshin Kanri.

Let’s take a look at an example where these tools helped to create a Ahh-ha! moment.

The problem: Operators were not always filling out routers correctly and not always scanning the barcodes to move the part to the next op.

It was assumed that they just didn’t care enough or perhaps they were being lazy about it. They were properly trained, properly instructed,and had what they needed to do it right.

We put together a session to work thru the AD, the IRD, and the NGT as described in our earlier post. The tools did their job of getting the subject matter experts, the operators, to open up and tell us what was going on. The open dialogue that ensued was priceless. We discovered that the red and green paper being used for certain part routers couldn’t be read correctly by the laser light scanner to mark an operation as complete in the system. Additionally we discovered that the small box provided to manually write in for Conforming or Non-Conforming parts was difficult to fill in with a standard ballpoint pen.

The solution: Removed red and green paper as an option for routers and bought fine point pens. #problemsolved#continuousimprovement#leanmanufacturing

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