Problem Solving Tools

Creating Ahh-ha! moments for business solutions. (Part 3)

We have covered some basic tools of Hoshin Kanri that will help you find those pivotal breakthroughs in business. We have learned that the Affinity Diagram will help us gather, group, and organize ideas from our subject matter experts. The Interrelation Digraph helps us understand how these groups of ideas have influence on each other and what is a causer and what is an effect. The Nominal Group Technique will help us get group consensus and rank for priority so we can take focused action for improvement.

So maybe you are thinking “Who can we use these techniques on?” Good question! We have found that these tools are effective on the General Manager as well as the Machine Operator, from the Engineer to the Program Manager. Once people see that you are listening to them and that they are being heard you begin to get results. Often, we see people who for years have felt that the information they have is all the sudden being heard and it is now safe to open up. This listening is the “secret” ingredient to the breakthroughs. We have seen the most reticent of people open up and become part of the team and begin to contribute very valuable information that hasn’t been heard before. #continuousimprovement #leantransformation #secret

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