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Boosting Morale Through Real Process Improvement

Let’s face it folks with all the uncertainty in the workplace today we are finding that morale is often at an all time low. Many folks fear a layoff and find themselves working under a cloud of oppressive doubt.
What can you do to boost morale without coming off as disingenuous?
True process improvement based on your teams input will go a long way to boosting their morale.
Why you ask? When you can show them that you care by listening and demonstrating that they have been heard, you automatically give them the feeling of importance and relevance that many desire.

As long as folks don’t feel like they are being cheated in their compensation, you will get more out of them through demonstrating that you care about what they say than you will if you gave them a $1.00 an hour raise. When they realize that what they have to say matters to you, you will gain a team that will go the extra mile for you.

Many people have the intention of being needed by an organization. They want to have a sense of belonging in a group with a winning mind set. This keeps them challenged and motivated. Our job is to create the environment where people can feel like what they have contributed has made a positive difference for the organization.

Additionally, respect for each other is developed when every viewpoint can get equal airtime without judgement to the worthiness of the viewpoint. This gives an increase in morale and creates a collaborative working environment.

This is why we are so passionate about using the Hoshin Kanri tools we teach. Simply by using these tools you will create the environment where everyone is heard. They will take away the sense that they have contributed to the decision being made even if their input wasn’t part of the solution.

The cost of have having us facilitate a session pales in comparison to the benefits that are gained. What if your top talents in the organization leave? How much cost is associated with that? If they feel like they no longer are listened to, are no longer contributing to the forward progress of the organization, or aren’t appreciated, they will likely leave and leave soon.

A few sessions with these tools may very well change that.

If you want to retain your top talent, that you have put so much time and energy into, then be sure to schedule your first session today.

It takes a lot to convince someone that they are actually being heard, but these tools make it easy and obvious.

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