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Hoshin Kanri Quality Tools for Problem Solving Teams

How we use the Affinity Diagram, the Interrelational Digraph, and the Nominal Group Technique to create Ahh-Ha! Moments in your business.

The Interrelational Digraph (IRD)

This is a Cause and Effect tool - it allows SME’s to separate and identify the “causes and effects” concerning the question at hand and visually shows the relationships between the “causes and effects” of the problem

The Affinity Diagram (AD)

A group brainstorming tool utilized to gather and organize ideas from your team of subject matter experts or SME’s

Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

This tool allows a team of SME’s to understand others individual perspectives and rank the importance of the statements. Creates agreement from participants regarding the importance of the actions to be taken.

About Andy

Andy Watkins began his career as a machinist, gaining unparalleled experience in the manufacturing space, while also establishing himself as a respected Lead Manufacturing Engineer at General Electric. Currently working as a gig-based consultant for his own company, Andy Watkins Consulting, he is widely known for his ability to teach, presenting Hoshin Kanri quality tools, and his manufacturing expertise. While his speaking engagements have taken him around the nation, Andy is proud to call Hamilton, Ohio his home.

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